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Family & Children Dentistry

At St. Andrew's Dental Surgeons, we're committed to providing comprehensive oral healthcare for the entire family.

Our child-friendly practice offers specialized pediatric dentistry services, ensuring children become familiar with dental care from an early age, following the wisdom of "Prevention is better than cure". We emphasize the significance of maintaining good oral health, even in baby teeth, as they influence the proper eruption of permanent teeth, facial development, and speech. A beautiful smile in childhood fosters emotional stability and self-confidence.


Additionally, we assess orofacial and dentoalveolar growth, allowing us to intervene and correct anomalies in their early stages.


Our goal is to care for patients from a young age throughout their lives.

Family at home
Family & Children Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile communicates a lot about you, reflecting confidence, reliability, and security.

Crafting a beautiful smile involves various dental procedures like teeth whitening, crowns, veneers, implants, and orthodontics.


Our dentists are well-equipped to recommend the best options for achieving the smile you desire.


We offer in-office teeth whitening and custom take-home whitening kits for a brighter smile at your convenience. These kits use safe whitening gels with 20% carbamide peroxide or less, allowing easy touch-ups whenever you prefer. 'Take-Home' Teeth-Whitening is gaining popularity among our patients for its effectiveness and convenience.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Preventive & Restorative Dentistry

Modern dentistry prioritizes prevention, preservation, and minimally-invasive approaches.

St. Andrew's Dental Surgeons focuses on educating patients about dental issues and their impact on overall health. Through diet, habit changes, and oral health education, we aim to prevent dental problems.


We promote minimally-invasive techniques, such as using fluoride and Casein Phospho-Peptide stabilized Amorphous Calcium Phosphate to prevent and reverse early-stage cavities.


Advanced adhesive dentistry allows for aesthetic and long-lasting tooth-colored fillings. When teeth are severely damaged, options like crowns, inlays, or onlays may be needed. Some cases may require root canal treatment.


For missing teeth, we offer solutions like bridges, removable dentures, and implant-supported prostheses.


Today's dentistry values preservation and patient education to ensure oral health and overall well-being.

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Preventive & Restorative Dentistry


Do you desire a better smile?

Crooked, crowded, or misaligned teeth can lead to oral health issues and discomfort.


Malalignment makes cleaning difficult and increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. It can also cause problems with chewing, leading to headaches, earaches, neck aches, and facial pain.


Fortunately, various solutions exist, such as traditional braces, ceramic brackets for a less noticeable option, and Invisalign for a comfortable, bracket-free experience.


Invisalign offers sequential custom-made aligners, allowing you to achieve your desired teeth alignment discreetly and easily.

Braces Smile

Implant Dentistry

When you lose one or more teeth, several treatment options are available.

You can choose to replace the missing teeth with a removable partial or complete denture, a fixed bridge, or dental implants.


Dental implants, made of biocompatible titanium screws surgically inserted into the jawbone, offer a safe and conservative solution. Unlike bridges, they don't require drilling neighboring teeth, and they provide a natural look and feel, functioning like your original teeth for speaking, eating, and overall comfort.


Dental implants can be considered as your second set of permanent teeth, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Implant Dentistry

Common Issues


What is deep overbite?

Deep overbite refers to upper teeth excessively overlapping lower teeth. Most people have a mild form of deep overbite.

What problems does deep overbite cause?

Excessive overlap can lead to various issues, from minor teeth wear to severe jawbone pain.


What is tooth gap widening?

When there are extra spaces between two or more teeth, this condition is referred to as tooth gap widening.

What problems does tooth gap widening cause?

Tooth gap widening creates periodontal pockets between teeth and gums, trapping food. It can lead to gum sensitivity, pain, and even gum disease.


What is an anterior open bite?

An anterior open bite refers to the condition where the lower front teeth protrude past the upper front teeth during mouth closure. Typically, this is due to excessive forward growth of the lower jaw.

What problems does an anterior open bite cause?

An anterior open bite may lead to difficulty in chewing, unclear speech, and accelerated tooth wear.


What is an open bite?

When the upper and lower teeth don’t make contact upon mouth closure, it's referred to as an open bite.

What problems does an
open bite cause?

An open bite can lead to difficulties in chewing or an inability to bite into common foods like apples.


What is crossbite?

During oral closure, certain upper front teeth are positioned on the inner side of the lower front teeth instead of their outer side, as they normally should be. This condition is known as crossbite.

What problems does
crossbite bring?

Crossbite can cause tooth wear or loss. It may also lead to gum recession or grooves in the gum line. Such damage might result in gum pain and even bone loss.


What is dental crowding?

Dental crowding refers to insufficient space within the jaw to accommodate all teeth, leading to crowding, overlapping, and misalignment, sometimes causing teeth to shift forward or backward.

What problems does
dental crowding bring?

Dental crowding makes it difficult to clean teeth with brushing or flossing, leading to plaque, tartar buildup, harmful bacteria, and reduced gum health, resulting in cavities and gum disease. Crowding worsens over time.

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